1. Are there any costs involved when I become an affiliate?
There are no costs involved so you can become an affiliate for free.

2. How can I become an affiliate?
To become an affiliate of Netgaming Solutions you have to sign up on our website. You will then receive an email with a confirmation link. Once you have confirmed your email you can start with getting links from the marketing tools section

3. What happens when my balance is negative?
It's possible that a player wins and your net-revenue becomes minus. If your net-revenue is negative at the end of the month it means that you don't earn any commission for that month.
There will be a transaction from us on the last day of the month to make your balance €0,00 so your will start the new month with €0,00 and not with your negative balance.

4. Are the statistics real time?
The views and clicks will be presented in real-time (maximum delay 5 minutes). Other data (NDC, NRC, Deposits, Net-revenue, your commission) will be updated every day at 06:00 CET for the day before

5. What kind of support do you offer?
You can send all your questions by email to info@netgamingsolutions.com. When you sign up at Netgaming Solutions you will be assigned a personal affiliate manager. You can always reach your personal affiliate manager by phone, e-mail or skype. If you're looking for a skype chat now, you can reach Alistair Sparrow on: alistair.ngs

6. Can I request different marketing tools?
Yes, this is possible. We can adjust existing marketing tools or create your own banner. You will have to send a request for this to info@netgamingsolutions.com. The delivery time is depending on availability of staff and priorities.

7. What kind of advertising can I do with your products?
You are allowed to use all the marketing tools for use on your website or other online media.

8. I have more sites and want to see the results per site. Is this possible?
Yes, you can create different campaigns in the campaign manager page. Per campaign you create marketing tools so you are able to see the results per campaign.

9. When do I get paid?
All payments from the previous month will be processed at the latest on the 5th business day of the month. There is a payment treshold of €100 for all payout options; NETeller, Skrill, Player Account or Wire Transfer. If the payment treshold is not met, the amount owed will be rolled over to the following month.